The Fiveways centre / Masjid al Quba has been open since 2015.
As there were no masjids close to the Sherwood / Arnold area, all those wishing to pray in congregation were having to drive to reach another masjid.
There was clearly a demand for a local masjid in the area so a group of people started looking for a suitable site. This took a while but Alhamdulillah one was found and purchased. We started asking for donations from what turned out to be our exceptionally generous community in order to carry out significant building work.
Once the work was completed, we began to look into building ghusl facilities. This too was only possible with the help of our community who once again donated generously.
To date, we have a masjid which is always busy Alhamdulillah, a community hall which is used to host religious events but can also be hired out. We have a popular Quranic school which provides Quran lessons as well as Islamic studies for children of all ages and a fully functioning ghusl room.