Quran School

The soul of your child is like an uncut precious jewel entrusted into your care by Allah (SWT) to you is given the awesome responsibility of shaping that precious jewel into a beautiful form, pleasing to the eye of Allah (SWT).

Enrol your child/children for Quran and Islamic Studies

Here at Fiveways Quranic School our vision is to nurture within our young children a love and passion for Islam, and to equip them with the social skills, Islamic etiquettes and knowledge to be successful in both the Deen and the Dunya.

Alhamdulillah, we have many children attending our sessions, and at the end of term we receive continuous positive feedback from parents, it is clear from the response of the children that they really love our classes. We regularly celebrate our children’s achievements by regularly holding celebration evenings.

The children in our society are the youth and leaders of tomorrow; we feel privileged to be able to nurture them and instil in them a love for attending the Masjid.

    How many children do you want to enrol?

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    Message from School Headteacher

    Raising great children, treat them with kindness, speak to them politely, teach them examples of Muslim hero’s. Make them feel important, give them praise and avoid humiliation, inspire love for the Den and Qur’an, be a role model. SubhanAllah.

    Our Fees

    1 Child             £25 monthly

    2 Children       £45 monthly

    3 Children       £61 monthly

    4 Children       £76 monthly

    5 Children       £89 monthly

    Our Mission

    To Insha’Allah provide education in an Islamic environment that encourages good discipline, behaviour, tolerance and respect, in order to achieve goals by developing potential, thereby creating role models for the community.  We want each student to feel appreciated, happy and to be able to enjoy their learning.

    Let’s Learn Islam series

    Our Qur’an school curriculum consists of a comprehensive syllabus for Islamic Studies, a set of 4 beautiful textbook and workbooks.  Let’s Learn Islam textbooks cover the following areas: –



    Manners in Islam

    Morals in Islam